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My Story

At the age of 18, Muriel was introduced to Christianity and God began to reveal his truth to her. Through battles with insecurities, struggling to find love, and her need for financial stability, Muriel made the decision to stop believing the lies and start believing God's truth about her. With bravery, she sought after God with her whole heart and found out who she was and what she needed to do to live her best life, truly.

Since then, Muriel has been a mentor to many women helping them to discover their truth.

Muriel understands that God is her life navigator, guiding her through all things. She believes, there is no Muriel without God. Muriel trusts that God will provide her with living water and a foundation to sustain her, always and no matter what. 

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My Book

Written by author Muriel Lillian, "I Am Done Believing You" is a powerful and inspiring book that encourages readers to move past their limitations and tap into their inner potential. Through intimate stories and meditations, readers are encouraged to find their inner strength, explore their passions, and create a more meaningful life. With an emphasis on self-love, this book provides readers with the tools they need to create a life filled with joy and purpose. "I Am Done Believing You" is a must-read for anyone looking to unlock their divine potential.

My Books
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Discover your truth
with muriel

I teach driven women how to establish a mindset that will result in becoming the best version of themselves and create a foundation that makes room for peace, happiness and true love in their life.  

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I Am Done Believing You is a powerful read designed to help women stop believing the lies and start believing God's word for their life, daring to discover the truth. The book will empower you to embrace God’s love and plan for your life!


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